Feb 2, 2011

Indian And Pakistani Models

Indian And Pakistani Models
Indian models are a peculiar species within the larger Indian female demographic. India is a strange country in the sense that the most beautiful women do not usually venture into the world of showbiz and entertainment. Many Indian girls, who would probably be supermodels were they to live in a Western or non-conservative society, are not really involved in the movie business, television or modeling.
This has the predictable consequence that the modeling industry is plagued by a death of beautiful women. In India, you’ll find the most beautiful of the beautiful in Bollywood, but in Pakistan, you’ll conversely find incredibly beautiful women in everyday life. But the modeling industry would be faced with average faces who can manage to enter the showbiz empire.
While this may portend ill for the showbiz industry, the people of India & Pakistan really don’t care, and they’d rather stick to their conservative values.