Feb 2, 2011

The National Dress of Indian Women

The National Dress of Indian Women
 The National Dress of Indian Women,
Why girls in India are the most wanted when they are fully covered up in saris. It is the beauty of Homely Women from here that attracts everyone. Indian sari remains the traditional clothing of Indian women. The sari is the national dress of women in India. Measuring 5.5 metres (6 yds) in length, saris are made of cotton, silk, synthetics or blends. India. 75% of the population (now a billion as per official estimate) wear versatile sari. Sari has been worn for centuries by both married women and young girls.
This graceful feminine attire can also be worn in several ways and its manner of wearing as well as its color and texture are indicative of the status, age, occupation, region and religion of a woman. The tightly fitted, small shirt worn under a sari is called a choli. The choli evolved as a form of Indian clothing around the 20th century AD and the first cholis were only front covering; the back was always bare. Now its a way to show the money power of a girl, you can get a saree from 100 rupees to unlimited price, some of them have lakhs of rupees.